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Natasha Williams Digital Education and Project Administrator

My name is Tash and I am a Digital Education and Project Administrator for Brighton Dome and Festival working with Badge Nation to ensure training providers and issuers get their badges ready and on the system!

Coming from an Event Management background I work on a range of projects from concerts to music centres to tours and in the past year have moved onto providing digital education & digital projects for young people as-well as Social Media Marketing.

I love badges because they give people the opportunity to create and explore their interests and be recognised for what they achieve outside of normal education. It has been a pleasure seeing young people so pleased with achieving a digital badge for something they love doing.

About Badge Nation

With Badge Nation you can easily create your own bespoke badges to acknowledge and reward the achievements of your students, volunteers, colleagues and teams.

Led by Real Ideas and Future Creators, all badges issued by Badge Nation are written using the Cities of Learning badge standard which is endorsed by City and Guilds and the RSA.

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Our Story

Badge Nation is a community of organisations formed to encourage, track, share, recognise, reward and motivate learning and ambition – all via digital badges.

Through Badge Nation you can easily create your own specific badges for your own students, colleagues, or teams.

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